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New York

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A workshop based on the bestselling book that has changed the lives of millions.

At this free event, you will discover:
  • Ways to Take Control of Your Future
  • Ways to Move from "Employee" to "Entrepreneur"
  • Ways to Get on the Road to Success

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Join Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and their team in this critical look at the economy today and find out why NOW is the most important time to gain financial knowledge!



Success Stories

"It opens your mind to the infinite possibility of having what you want from life." *
Margaret E.
San Marcos, TX
"I learned so much and am so excited to know I can be wealthy in this depressed economy... Thank you for everything!... I surely will tell everyone, this is awesome!" *
Barbara H.
Lakeview, MI
"Once I begin to actually apply the knowledge, I know I will see nothing but success!" *
Brittany P.
Fairview Park, OH